5 Things to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance

HOMES FOR SALE IN EXTON PA – 5 Things to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance

If you have homes for sale in Exton, Downingtown or Chester Springs PA, it’s important to know about Homeowner’s Insurance as it relates to vacant houses.  If you are a Seller who has moved out before you find a Buyer, your home may be vacant for a period of time.  Special homeowners insurance may be required, and it’s important that you check with your insurance company.  Many policies contain a special clause about vacancies that take effect if the homeowner is absent for a specified period of time.  With Homes for Sale in Exton, the reason for this clause is that unoccupied homes are at greater risk for break-ins.  Also, problems like broken pipes that go unnoticed can grow to be much larger claims without the notice of the homeowners.  Penny-wise is pound-foolish in this case.  Check with your insurance company for details specific to your homes for sale in Exton PA, Downingtown or Chester Springs PA.


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